Ancelotti: I’m Feel Happy in Madrid


Ancelotti: I'm Feel Happy in Madrid - Carlo Ancelotti has vehemently denied the possibility he will move to AC Milan in the near future.

Ancelotti: I'm Feel Happy in Madrid

Real Madrid tactician is claimed will return to Italy if he fails to bring the Los Blancos win the Champions League. However, given the opposite happened, Don Carletto also firmly stated its commitment.

"No, not at all," said Ancelotti short, when asked by the U.S. about the possibility of returning to Milan.

Ancelotti: I'm Feel Happy in Madrid

When pressed whether the coach has a plan to refine the Rossoneri once again in the future, this is the answer Ancelotti.

"You can not make a long-term plan for your own future., I feel happy and comfortable at Real Madrid. I do not plan to move," he concluded.

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