Arbeloa: We Know Mourinho’s Character


Arbeloa: We Know Mourinho's Character  - Alvaro Arbeloa recalls the first impression gained the players Real Madrid against Jose Mourinho . Arbeloa said that Mourinho indiscriminate towards all players , stars or not .

Arbeloa: We Know Mourinho's Character

Arbeloa: We Know Mourinho's Character

Most of the new Madrid players to work with Mourinho for the first time in pre-season preparations in the United States . Most players of the Spanish national team who had just returned from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was not given a honeymoon period by Mourinho .

" We immediately knew Mourinho actual character in a preseason game . Players Spain has just become world champion and we met in Los Angeles . We played against the LA Galaxy and behind 0-2 in the first round , " recalls Arbeloa as reported by Jot Down .

Madrid squad when it was realized how hard Mourinho true character .

Arbeloa: We Know Mourinho's Character 

" The cry of the mouth of Mourinho ? She yelled at all the players , who were given no mercy . Quickly We know who the real Mou . You will never see Manuel Pellegrini yelling Cristiano Ronaldo with rough like Mou , " he added .

In the game , Mourinho immediately replace all the players who look lazy . Anyone who does not want to run will be directly sent to the bench .

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