Benzema Assume Zidane As Brother


Benzema Assume Zidane As Brother - Karim Benzema honored to be a pretty French players shine at Real Madrid after Zinedine Zidane. The striker's successful present and the Champions League trophy last season's Copa del Rey in Los Blancos.Benzema Assume Zidane As Brother

In addition, Benzema admitted to having a close relationship with Zidane, until he considered like a brother and mentor.

"It is an honor. Besides Ronaldo, Zidane is someone who I respect in Real Madrid since I came here. He has a lot of advise and help me when I receive criticism," said Benzema according to France Football reports.

Benzema Assume Zidane As Brother 

"I think of it like a brother. He protects me and we respect each other. We have a good relationship. He recently told to play with a striker like me, who can score goals," he concluded.

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