Buffon: Pirlo Genius!


Buffon: Pirlo Genius! - Italy captain Gianluigi Buffon gives praise to his teammates in the Italian national team and Juventus, Andrea Pirlo.Buffon: Pirlo Genius!

According to Buffon, Andrea Pirlo figure is a figure of a player with a high level of intelligence, aka genius. In fact according to him, Pirlo deserve aligned with Roberto Baggio who rated Buffon is also a genius.

"Pirlo is a figure of genius. Together with Roberto Baggio, I think he is the greatest talent ever produced Italy in the last 25 years," said Buffon.

Buffon: Pirlo Genius!

"You can try to lock it with the right strategy. Yet you know that at a certain moment, Pirlo can instantly solve it and you will know that your efforts have been in vain," he said.

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