Cerezo Think That Madrid More Lucky


Cerezo Think That Madrid More Lucky - President Enrique Cerezo, Atletico Madrid could not hide his disappointment after his team lost in the final of the Champions League . Cerezo stated that Real Madrid are ahead so it could be a champion .

Cerezo Think That Madrid More Lucky

Cerezo said that his team has given the best . Scored the equalizer in injury-time Sergio Ramos is one of Madrid acquired fortune .

" The players have to give the best for 93 minutes . Heading Ramos could have been off the mark go up , down , or sideways . We came into the finals undefeated before. Rescue One could make us champions . Referee can give three minutes of added time , not five , "complained Cerezo as reported by Inside Spanish Football .

Cerezo Think That Madrid More Lucky

Cerezo also happy because Atleti fans can already be good when losing . He considered that the town of Madrid is the real winner in the final .

" We 've learned how to deal with victory and defeat . We are proud to have the team and the fans who know how to behave . Today the city of Madrid is the winner . Terms of football , the luckier team won today . Luck is very important for both teams performed very well . "

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