Coentrao: Madrid Isn’t Favorite Champion


Coentrao: Madrid Isn't Favorite Champion - Fabio Coentrao did not feel Real Madrid are the favorites in the Champions League final match against Atletico Madrid later in the morning.

Coentrao: Madrid Isn't Favorite Champion

According to him, Atletico is his match. Moreover, previously they had confirmed themselves to be champions of La Liga. Coentrao favorite labels actually thought his team could make trouble.

"I think we were not favorites. Finals always provide different atmospheres tight, no favorites. We'll play like this is our last game, but 50 percent chances for both teams," said Coentrao Marca reported.

Coentrao: Madrid Isn't Favorite Champion

"If we think we are the favorites, then everything can go bad. They are a very strong team and have already won the league," he concluded.

Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich 5-0 on aggregate in the semi-final game before heading to the summit which will be held at the Estadio Da Luz early day.

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