Di Maria: Ancelotti Prefers Peace


Di Maria: Ancelotti Prefers Peace - Real Madrid midfielder Angel Di Maria gave praise to the figure of Carlo Ancelotti as manager capable of creating positive things to all people.

Di Maria: Ancelotti Prefers Peace

Di Maria was performed brilliantly this season. Rumored to leave at the beginning of the season due to the arrival of Ancelotti, Di Maria became one of the key players Los Blancos under the direction of the Italian coach.

No doubt, brilliant performance shown by them was recognized as the impact Ancelotti's presence in the locker room of Real Madrid.

Di Maria: Ancelotti Prefers Peace

"He tries to get rid of problems and diseases Real Madrid so it will not affect the players. He always sought peace, the players, the press and the club. He always tries to make players happy," he told Marca.

"I think he is a great coach. He was able to pull out the best of my ability, that I can not find it in previous years. Together with Alejandro Sabella, he's my favorite," he said.

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