Does Januzaj ‘The New Ronaldo’?


Does Januzaj 'The New Ronaldo'? - Adnan Januzaj admitted trying to emulate the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United. Belgian young players even tried to form a more athletic body in order to look like Ronaldo.

Does Januzaj 'The New Ronaldo'?

Does Januzaj 'The New Ronaldo'?

Comparison between Januzaj with Ronaldo not unfounded. Both players have very similar statistics in their first season performing with United's first team.

The difference of course is no because of the character of both players are also different. In his first season at United, Ronaldo is a winger who is known as a wild, likes to show off skills and not very disciplined tactics.

Does Januzaj 'The New Ronaldo'?

Meanwhile, despite getting a little freer role than Ronaldo, Januzaj it seemed more calm on the pitch. also noteworthy that Januzaj play in United's team who had a bad season.

The question now is whether Januzaj can successfully follow in the footsteps of success Ronaldo. To be sure, Januzaj should emulate CR7 hard work to reach the level of the star.

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