Khedira: Ramos be a Savior Madrid


Khedira: Ramos be a Savior Madrid - Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira Sergio Ramos regard deserves to be called a hero after saving the team from the defeat opponents Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final on Sunday (25/5) morning.

Khedira: Ramos be a Savior Madrid

Goal Diego Godin since the first round seems almost got troops Diego Simeone took home the trophy. But Ramos managed to force a draw in injury time. In half of extra-time, Madrid finally managed to add three goals and finally out to be a champion.

"This is the biggest trophy in club football; incredible feeling; One thing that could make me proud," he told the DFB's official website.

Khedira: Ramos be a Savior Madrid 

"In my heart very happy. We almost died but then Sergio Ramos saved us again."

Khedira himself on the match in the first minute down and replaced by Isco as he entered the 59th minute.

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