Messi Is a Gift From the God’s of Football


Messi Is a Gift From the God's of Football - Gary Lineker seems highly admired qualities possessed by Lionel Messi. He did not even hesitate to refer to it as the Argentine players 'gift of god'.Messi Is a Gift From the God's of Football

Messi last season failed to provide any titles for Barcelona. But he was never crowned the world's best player for four times in a row, before Cristiano Ronaldo terminate early dominance last year.

In addition, there are many records were never broken by Messi, either at club or international level.

"For me, Messi is a gift from the football gods. He is a phenomenal. Player who not only beat their opponents yet alluring, creating magical moments. He is also honest. He gets a kick, rigged. However never been diving. He never cheated , "Lineker said according to reports BBC Sport.

Messi Is a Gift From the God's of Football 

"He is a brilliant example for any footballer. If everyone is copying him, this game would be better," he concluded.

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