MU Rename Old Trafford?

MU Rename Old Trafford

MU Rename Old Trafford

Manchester - Manchester United re- asserted patents will not sell Old Trafford name and not being in the process of negotiations with commercial sponsors who can change the name of the stadium the Red Devils pride .

Rumors circulating in social media mentions MU historic headquarters will be renamed because a leading manufacturer of sports accessories , Nike , will offer a fantastic rate that allows David Moyes mid- year spending quality players later .

According to a report by Forbes magazine in 2012 , if United want to sell Old Trafford name patents , the 20 -year contract worth about 1 billion U.S. dollars . This means that the Red Devils will get an additional 50 million U.S. dollars ( approximately IDR566 , 4 billion ) per year .

Still ESPNFC reports ( 30/3 ) call MU has dismissed the rumors and insists there will be no chance of the Old Trafford renamed as sponsor influence .

MU to this problem is fairly consistent . April 2013 deputy chief executive , Ed Woodward , said the Glazer family , owner of the MU will not approve the sale of the patent name of the stadium .

Then in December, Woodward added , " remains a crucial Old Trafford Old Trafford . The Glazers are very stiff for this issue . People have asked us if would consider ( selling the stadium name patents ) . We do not want to. "

In 2011 , Manchester United director Sir Bobby Charlton , who is also the owner of a record 249 goals for the Red Devils , saying , " I just can say to change the name of Old Trafford is not our policy . ( name ) is too important . "

Without selling the patent name Old Trafford , Manchester United this season predictable fixed income rose from 363 million pounds to between 420 to 430 million pounds

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