Record of Persegres Hattrick


Record of Persegres Hattrick - Persegres Gresik United soccer team recorded a hat trick in three games Indonesian Super League ( ISL ) . Unfortunately, not a hat-trick victory or goal that the home team recorded Pudak City , but a hat trick red card .
Yes , in the last three games there is always a player who was sent off for a foul too loudly . Jimmy begins Suparno who was awarded a red card when Persegres were held in Bandung Raya Pelita Petrochemicals Stadium , last April .

Record of Persegres Hattrick

Record of Persegres Hattrick

In the next game challenging Persija Jakarta at Gelora Bung Karno , Shohei Matsunaga turn the showers early after receiving a second yellow card in the 71st minute . Hattrick red card Joko 's Army Samudro diperlengkap by Otavio Dutra .

Facing Semen Padang ended 1-1 , Saturday ( 3/5 ) , H Agus Salim Stadium , the Brazilian defender sent off for a tackle two legs against Airlangga Sucipto . Three red cards in successive matches to a record in the ISL .

Players frustrated ? Probably. Persegres until now has not tasted victory despite having changed coaches . However , coach Alfredo Vera Persegres the red card dismissed form his decision with existing conditions .

" Two games in Jakarta and Padang there is increased because the team played well . Fact, we likely win the game in Champaign . Match situation , but it is quite hard , so the physical impact may occur , " said Alfredo Vera .

The red card Hattrick complements a bad early career with Alfredo Vera Ultrasmania favorite team . The number of red cards actually more than the number of digits that were collected in three games ISL . Persegres just scooped up two points from three games since Alfredo handled .

Record of Persegres Hattrick

Otavio Dutra red card forced him to miss time visited the headquarters of Arema Cronus on May 8 . Not only that , Persegres will backline crisis because Mahyadi Panggabean and Dedi Indra injury list .

Without a complete defense , it is very hard for the team to get the numbers in yellow Malang . The match at the Stadium Kanjuruhan delay action , which in essence is held in early March , but adjacent to the agenda Arema in the AFC Cup .

Alfredo Vera again it should be ready to manipulate the back line by changing a number of positions . " I look up ahead of the first match against Arema . Hopefully we do not lose too many players , " said Argentina coach .

Indra Smith suffered an injury when playing in Padang and even had to be pulled out in the first half. Until now there has been no confirmation of the former players accurately how long it will be pulled Persela Lamongan .

In the game , the defense is actually quite promising Persegres when faced with the onslaught of Kabau Sirah and even went ahead via Kacung Munif . Honey reduced player after a red card Otavio Dutra provide an opportunity for the host to force share figures .

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