Scramble Still Holds Keta

Manuel Pellegrini

Manuel Pellegrini

Manchester - Manuel Pellegrini will not be affected the mind games that made ​​Jose Mourinho . Manchester City manager believes that the top four teams still have a chance to scramble equivalent title this season .

Liverpool became standings this weekend by beating Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 . A positive result was to shift the position of Chelsea ( 69 points ) which surprisingly ran aground in the hands of Crystal Palace 0-1 .

City - by saving two match more - and Arsenal who share figures 1-1 respectively inhabit the third and fourth with a value of 67 and 64 .

After the defeat of the Palace , Mourinho revealed his team rush impossible to get a degree after that defeat . However , Pellegrini did not want to fall asleep with Mourinho 's statement .

After all , before the mind games he often showed to his rival . One was with Chelsea termed as a small horse that is between City and Arsenal as a big horse and calling Liverpool a Chihuahua .

" I think it is important to give managers the importance of the mind games and I do not know if you think the manager is playing a more ingenious mind games , I do not think so , " said Pellegrini told Sky Sport .

" I do not know what was said Mourinho , and I do not know the pattern of thought . But it 's not my job to analyze what is arguably Mourinho . It is your duty , "said the Chilean people .

"I think the four teams have the same options to win the championship title . All teams exist in adjacent positions , with little adrift points , six games remaining . We have eight games again and we have to win six points in hand , "said 60 -year-old manager .

However , with two games remaining more does not mean City benefited . Therefore , the two games have not been a guarantee that the delay could have gone .

" We do not have six more points , we save two match postponed , it's not about the same then I think all teams have an equal chance , " he said .

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