Tata: Atletico Strong, Costa Scary


Tata: Atletico Strong, Costa Scary - Gerardo Martino will really understand the potential dangers that can be given by Atletico Madrid to Barcelona in a match pemungkas determination champions league 2013/14 . The Barcelona coach also emphasized how scary Atletico striker Diego Costa .

Tata: Atletico Strong, Costa Scary

Barcelona will host the second-ranked standings Atletico at Camp Nou on Saturday ( 17/5 ) . Currently , three points behind Barcelona and only victory that could make them bolted to the top . As the host , clearly favored Barcelona . However , the coach who is familiarly called the Tata judge that this is a game with a remarkable degree of difficulty .

" Atletico strong and they can make any team can not spend his best , " said Tata as reported by Marca .

" Diego Costa is one of the most fearsome forwards in Europe . However , given Atletico beat us without ever built, it means they are strong as a team , " he added .

In essence , Tata did not see Costa as the only threat to Barcelona . Atletico are keseluruhanlah that he feared .

Tata: Atletico Strong, Costa Scary

Some time ago , Barcelona Atletico eliminated from the Champions League quarter-finals . After a 1-1 draw in the first leg at Camp Nou , they were defeated 0-1 in front of Atletico is not reinforced Costa in the second leg . Atletico even drove all the way to the final .

Tata certainly do not want the same thing happening again because the stakes are the La Liga title .

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