Ter Stegen Feeling Fit For Barca


Ter Stegen Feeling Fit For Barca - FC Barcelona new goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen feel optimistic will be successful. He considers the skill and character of the game is suitable for the Blaugrana.

Ter Stegen Feeling Fit For Barca

Ter Stegen came from Borussia Monchengladbach to replace Victor Valdes who left Barca. Personally, Ter Stegen feel can guarantee security in the Barca back line.

Barca's style of play does require the keeper to can participate in the game. Barca keeper is not only required to dismiss skilled shots, but also has the capability of passing and superior ball distribution.

Ter Stegen Feeling Fit For Barca

"I believe I have the skills that are fit for the Barca game. Nobody other teams who play like Barca, and I love games like this. I think we will be successful together. Later I want to prove it," said Ter Stegen told Barca TV.

Ter Stegen itself is not included in the German national team squad that competed in the World Cup this year.

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